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April 23rd Issue of Greenlane Digest


Greenlane (TSX:GRN) is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging renewable natural gas (RNG) market. We work with waste producers, gas utilities, and project developers to turn low-value biogas into a valuable low-carbon and carbon-negative clean energy resource.

Greenlane issued the following news releases this week:

Greenlane contract proceeds for dairy farm RNG project in California

Greenlane announces over $6 million in new contracts

Greenlane is a pure play in the RNG space, offering multiple core biogas upgrading technologies, in use and proven in the industry today. Biogas upgrading sales are forecasted by industry to grow at minimum 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years in North America and Europe. Our demonstrated leadership in biogas upgrading, scope and breadth of product offerings, and 30+ years’ industry experience are fierce competitive advantages.

Today, we are a trusted partner globally and are ranked number one in installed capacity, having delivered more than 110 biogas upgrading systems in 19 countries and counting. We’ve learned a lot along the way. First to market in 12 of the 19 countries where our systems operate, we’re also proud to have supplied the systems for the largest RNG production facilities in North America and Europe, respectively.


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Greenlane announced that it will begin immediate order fulfilment against the US$2.6 million ($3.3 million at current exchange rate) contract that was announced as part of the $21 million in contract wins for a dairy farm cluster in California on June 29, 2020. Order fulfillment against the first contract began immediately upon signing last June.  The name of the supermajor involved in this project is not disclosed at this time.  The project will use Greenlane’s Pressure Swing Adsorption (“PSA”) biogas upgrading systems to create clean RNG through anaerobic digestion of the dairy farm cluster’s waste stream, with the RNG supplied as fuel for the U.S. transportation sector.  “Greenlane’s biogas upgrading systems have been a feature installation on a project delivering RNG to the transportation sector,” said Brad Douville, President and CEO of Greenlane. “The project showcases the importance of carbon-negative RNG generated from dairy farm waste as a transportation fuel available today in the fight against climate change.”

Greenlane also announced the signing of approximately $6.2 million in new biogas upgrading system supply contracts.  The first contract is for the supply of its pressure swing adsorption biogas upgrading system to a municipality in Colombia. This project will be the first commercial-scale biogas upgrading system deployed in Colombia, producing clean, low-carbon RNG for direct injection into the local natural gas grid.  The second contract is for the supply of Greenlane’s water wash biogas upgrading system in Spain.  Order fulfilment of this contract will commence immediately, however, and for further transparency, the customer has a two-week period in which it may exercise an option to halt further activity with no penalty.  “Greenlane continues to expand its pioneering global reach with a new system contract win in Colombia, which marks Greenlane’s 19th country for technology deployment and 12th country to be the first to supply biogas upgrading equipment,” said Brad Douville, President & CEO of Greenlane.  “Receiving an order from our customer in Spain is another example of the success we’re seeing as a trusted supplier in the biogas upgrading industry,” added Douville.

Clean Energy Fuels, which is the U.S.’s leading provider of RNG for vehicle fuel, announced an agreement with Amazon to provide low and negative carbon RNG.  Through its network of existing and new/upgraded sites, Clean Energy will provide RNG in 15 different states.  Amazon recently announced the purchase of more than 1,000 natural gas engines for its U.S. truck fleet that can run on renewable and non-renewable natural gas.

The U.K. government confirmed it will set its climate target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035, compared to 1990 levels, into law this year. The legislation will limit the volume of GHGs emitted over five years from 2033-2027, taking the U.K. more than three-quarters of the way to reaching net-zero by 2050. The government is already working towards its commitment to reduce emissions in 2030 by at least 68% compared to 1990 levels through the “Nationally Determined Contribution”. The new target will become law by the end of June.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced his pledge to reduce U.S. GHG emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030, doubling the country’s prior commitment under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  At the international climate summit convened by President Biden to urge global cooperation on climate change, leaders of many countries made commitments to reduced GHG emissions and combat climate change.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged that Canada would aggressively curb GHG emissions over the next decade, announcing a reduction in emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, which is a significant increase from the previous commitment of 30%.

SoCalGas, the largest natural gas utility in the U.S., announced it will convert 200 new service pickup trucks to run on RNG, which is expected to reduce over 2,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year and equates to removing 1,800 passenger vehicles from the roads. Including these new net-zero emissions service trucks, nearly 40 percent of SoCalGas' service vehicles will run on clean fuels.  Putting more clean trucks on the road is a key part of SoCalGas' commitment to achieve net zero GHG emissions in its operations and delivery of energy by 2045.

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Apr 16-23, 2021

Clean Energy Fuels signs agreement with Amazon for low and negative carbon RNG

U.K. confirms target to cut emissions by 78% by 2035

U.S. pledges a 50% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030; Canada pledges a 40-45% reduction

SoCalGas announces plans to convert 200 new field trucks to run on RNG

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