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January 20th Issue of Greenlane Digest


Greenlane (TSX:GRN) is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging renewable natural gas (RNG) industry. We work with waste producers, gas utilities, and project developers to turn low-value biogas into a valuable low-carbon and carbon-negative clean energy resource. As a leading global provider of biogas upgrading systems, we are helping to clean up two of the largest and most difficult-to-decarbonize sectors of the global energy system: the natural gas grid and the commercial transportation sector.

Greenlane is a pure play in the RNG space, offering multiple core biogas upgrading technologies, in use and proven in the industry today. Biogas upgrading sales are forecasted by industry to grow at a minimum 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years in North America and Europe. Our demonstrated leadership in biogas upgrading, scope and breadth of product offerings, and over 30 years of industry experience are fierce competitive advantages.

Today, we are a trusted partner globally and are ranked number one in installed capacity, having sold more than 135 biogas upgrading systems into 19 countries and counting. We’ve learned a lot along the way. First to market in 12 of the 19 countries where our systems have been sold, we’re also proud to have supplied the systems for many of the largest RNG production facilities in the world.


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RNG is sparking new interest from lenders and financiers close to Wall Street, with expanding subsidies for RNG production expected to support massive growth and investment in coming years. U.S. RNG was a lead beneficiary of widespread support for lower-carbon investing in 2022, as large energy companies such as bp and Kinder Morgan, as well as large private equity firms, piled money into the sector. Another example of growing support for the industry came Jan. 5, when Clean Energy, a transportation-focused RNG marketer with over 550 fueling stations across North America, announced a four-year, US$150 million term loan with a unit of New York-based asset manager Riverstone Holdings. Riverstone is not the only financier placing a bet on RNG's maturation. Last year, a unit of asset management giant Blackrock bought RNG producer Vanguard Renewables for $700 million, while New York private equity house Warburg Pincus extended a $320 million line of equity to fledgling RNG producer Viridi Energy as part of an expected $1 billion investment in US RNG opportunities.

Calgary is a step closer to getting a new “energy park” in the southeast industrial area. Owned and operated by a subsidiary of Green Impact Partners, the facility will take wheat whose quality doesn’t meet food consumption standards and turn it into renewable biofuels – ethanol and RNG. The development permit for the project is expected to be submitted this quarter, while the provincial approval is still in the works. Construction of the facility will generate around 800 jobs over two years and will maintain around 50 jobs for operation while also projected to create $150 million in annual revenue for wheat producers.

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Jan 13-20, 2023

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