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September 17th Issue of Greenlane Digest


Greenlane (TSX:GRN) is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging renewable natural gas (RNG) market. We work with waste producers, gas utilities, and project developers to turn low-value biogas into a valuable low-carbon and carbon-negative clean energy resource.

Greenlane issued the following news release this week:

Greenlane signs $6.1 million system supply contract for RNG project with Green Impact Partners

Greenlane announced that it has signed with Green Impact Partners, through its EPC contractor, a biogas upgrading system supply agreement for $6.1 million (US$4.8 million) for an RNG project in the State of Colorado.  Green Impact Partners’ GreenGas Colorado Project consists of two dairy farms, broke ground in July 2021, and has an expected completion date in the second half of 2022.  The project will utilize two of Greenlane’s pressure swing adsorption (“PSA”) upgrading systems, one for each of the two dairy farms in the project.  Greenlane’s order fulfillment for this project will commence immediately.

Greenlane is a pure play in the RNG space, offering multiple core biogas upgrading technologies, in use and proven in the industry today. Biogas upgrading sales are forecasted by industry to grow at a minimum 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years in North America and Europe. Our demonstrated leadership in biogas upgrading, scope and breadth of product offerings, and 30+ years’ industry experience are fierce competitive advantages.

Today, we are a trusted partner globally and are ranked number one in installed capacity, having sold more than 125 biogas upgrading systems into 19 countries and counting. We’ve learned a lot along the way. First to market in 12 of the 19 countries where our systems have been sold, we’re also proud to have supplied the systems for the largest RNG production facilities in North America and Europe, respectively.


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Blank-check firm Rice Acquisition Corp. said its planned $1.15 billion merger with Aria Energy LLC and Archaea Energy LLC was approved by its stockholders on Sept. 9 that will create the largest public RNG company in the U.S.  The merger, which is expected to close on September 15, will create a platform focused on the capture and conversion of waste emissions from landfills into low-carbon RNG, electricity, and green hydrogen, according to Rice Acquisition. The combined company is expected to be the largest producer of RNG by volume starting next year, when its project Assai in Pennsylvania comes online.  Upon deal closure, the combined company will be named Archaea Energy Inc and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “LFG”.

Construction has started on a new RNG project at a landfill in South Carolina. The state-of-the-art RNG project at the Twin Chimneys Landfill site is expected to achieve commercial operations by Q4 2022.  Landfill gas will be collected at the Twin Chimneys site and converted into RNG. The processed gas will then be injected into the local natural gas system owned and operated by the Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works.  Once operational, the project is expected to initially produce 1,200 MMBtu of RNG daily and will grow over time to produce around 3,000 MMBtu per day.

U.S. oil producer Chevron has pledged to triple to $10 billion its investments in low-carbon fuel and projects through 2028.  Chevron said half of its spending will go to curb emissions from fossil fuel projects, with $3 billion for carbon capture and offsets, $2 billion for GHG reductions, $3 billion for renewable fuels and $2 billion for hydrogen energy. Chevron said it would expand RNG production to 40 billion British thermal units (BTUs) per day and increase renewable fuels production capacity to 100,000 barrels a day to meet customer demand for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

FortisBC announced that it will reopen its RNG program to its natural gas customers on October 15, 2021. Over the past two years, FortisBC has been able to secure new RNG supply in order to provide its natural gas customers with a carbon-neutral energy option, and is forecasting to have tripled its 2020 annual supply by the end of this year. FortisBC first started its RNG program in 2011 and was the first utility in North America to offer RNG to customers as a simple way to lower their GHG emissions. Demand for RNG outpaced supply in late 2019 and the program was temporarily paused with around 10,000 customers subscribed to the program.  Since the start of 2020, FortisBC has 15 new RNG supply agreements approved by its regulator, the British Columbia Utilities Commission, and currently works with nine biogas producers (six in in BC and three out of province) to produce RNG.

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Sep 10-17, 2021

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Construction of South Carolina landfill gas-to-RNG project begins

Chevron triples low-carbon investment, pledges $10 bln through 2028

FortisBC to reopen its RNG program on October 15

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